Urban Terraces Dedarganj - Patna

Project Facts :-

Project: Urban Terraces Dedarganj
Designed: 2018
Status: Completed
Project Team: Ar. Sidharth Kumar, Ritu Priya

The concept of " URBAN TERRACES" tends to enhance the life of its inhabitants by maximizing the open spaces. Instead of several blocks. The whole society has been unified in two clusters to reduce the building footprints which automatically creates a central landscaped plaza for it's inhabitants.Outer profile of the building grows in stepped form creating penthouse with landscaped terraces. The alternating balconies with double roof spaces give the dwellers a sense of sprawls and make them less dependent on artificial sources promoting the sustainability of the project. Landscaping and pool being located centrally creates a feeling of community involvement and mixing of social reforms. A complete mix of urbanization with an aroma of nature and its belongings to bridge up the gap between humans and their environment . Vegetation of the whole campus tend of balance the carbon footprints of the inhabitants.